Sirius the Dog Star rising abvove the Grossmugl Star Walk trail
For the remaining weeks of winter Sirius dominates the evening sky. Being the brightest of all stars in our night sky, it rises around nightfall this time of the year. The image, shot on January 22, 2016, shows Sirius rising above the Leeberg tumulus, a 2500 years old ancient burial mound at the endpoint of the Grossmugl Star Walk. The Grossmugl Star Walk is located in Austria, Europe, only half an hour's drive from Vienna. The star walk installation is a self-guided 1.5km long astronomical edutainment trail aimed at the general public. Its goal is to raise awareness for the beauty of the night sky and the importance of dark sky protection. For more details visit the Grossmugl Star Walk page. The image was shot one day before full moon on a very cold and crisp winter's night. The near full moon illuminated the frozen farmland surrounding the tumulus and gave the sky a distinct bluish hue. [Released January 24, 2016]